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A day at Karon Beach and Kata Villa's Swimming Pool


Karon beach is one of the most popular beaches in Phuket. Its white and „squeaky“ sand and the clear water make it an ideal beach for families and couples who want to relax. The best thing to do is to go there early in the morning, in order to enjoy the tranquillity of the place and avoid the very hot hours, when the sun burns down from the sky. Remember to take a good sunscreen with you and maybe rent a chair with umbrella if you are planning on staying there the whole day.... and then relax! The sand is ideal for kids to play and build sandcastles with, while parents can chill out closeby. Compared to the messy Patong beach, Karon is much quiter and there are just few local vendors that try to sell souvenirs on the beach, so nobody will disturb you while you enjoy this beautiful place. 

I'd suggest to go back to your hotel during before noon, in particular if you don't like lying around in the burning hot sun. You could book a hotel with swimming pool, such as Kata Villa (, a small hotel with al the necessary facilities: nice rooms, a bar and restaurant, nice garden and a swimming pool. Enjoy a light lunch at the restaurant and then dip into the refreshing pool, there are lots of trees and sunbeds around it, so you'll surely find a spot in the shade where to kill the hot hours. Also, the water temperture is lower at the pool than at the beach, making it much more enjoyable when it is very hot. 

When it gets a bit cooler and the sun moves towards the horizon, you can go back to the beach and enjoy a nice walk along this beautiful strip of sand... try to spot the little crabs on the water's edge while walking!

If the sky is clear and the weather is fine, you'll probably see one of the most beautiful sunstets ever, so don't forget your camera to eternalize this fantastic moment!

In the evening you can enjoy a nice fish meal in one of the many eateries in the surroundings and then walk back to the beach to admire the myterious and fascinating scenery. 

Get ready for an unforgettable holiday!

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